Home Study

Creating home studies can be a daunting task but at 1stChoice we are experienced in optimising that small room with custom furniture in any style and colour that is made to measure. We will utilise every bit of space there is with office furniture tailored to your needs and requirements. If you need your study room to give out a sense of well being and calmness then we can make it happen with our wide range of extras and added options.

We have a long history of building custom home studies for our valued customers. We can literally turn any room and make it ideal for any occasion, whether it be a party or a quiet night in we will achieve it for you. If you want to make that spare bedroom into a home study that can be used for working, sleeping and playing then why not let us make your dreams come true with our full range of options.

We are driven by the thought of that dream becoming a reality for our customers. This is why we will make sure that no matter what the limitations are we shall get that perfect fit. All of our furniture is fabricated within our own factory and so this allows us to have such a wide range of options and additions to furniture that can be ordered.