Bespoke Furniture

Some might say that many of the old services in life, such as truly excellent furniture, are long gone but at 1stChoice we are here to provide outstanding facilities with its own bespoke furniture built to the highest quality. Our craftsmen have been trained well in making sure that your perfect furniture is designed to your specifications.

Sometimes in life you need that perfect product to really bring a home together, whether it is a simple stool or a three piece suite. At 1stChoice we are here to make sure that you get that perfect addition to complete a particular room or even your entire house. We constantly try to achieve the very best standard in bespoke furniture because we are driven by the opportunity to make someone’s dream become a reality.

As the furniture is fabricated in our own factory we have allowed ourselves to be able to cater for orders of any size, any colour and any shape. We can then customise the furniture even further with our full range of different finishes. It does not matter if you want minimalist furniture or to go all out with sophisticated ambiance brought by your furniture.

You can change the whole role of a room with a single piece of furniture. Somewhere that lets you work, rest and play while still being in the same room. You can change the function of a room with ease with our furniture, if you need that extra bit of relaxation why not incorporate a sofa into a guest room or your very own bedroom.